Francis Makes Pledge to Protect Taxpayers in HD-60 Runoff

April 21, 2020

Francis Makes Pledge to Protect Taxpayers in HD-60 Runoff

(Cisco, TX) On Wednesday, conservative businessman and candidate for State Representative of House District 60 Jon Francis announced that he would oppose all new taxes next session, in addition to opposing efforts to raise Texans’ existing tax burden.

“Texas needs to cut spending,” said Francis. “Next session is not the time for our State to raise taxes or impose new ones. Period.”

Francis also included fees and other tax schemes that some lawmakers try to disguise in order to increase taxes.

“Texans’ pocketbooks are hurting, and they are now having to carefully reevaluate their budgets and examine every dollar that leaves their billfolds in order to make ends meet,” said Francis. “I believe very strongly we should expect our government to do the same. But, moreover, raising taxes, fines and fees should be completely off the table. That’s why I’m making this pledge to our district today.”

Jon Francis made his pledge saying, “During the next legislative session, advocates for big government will be pushing harder than ever before to impose new taxes and raise Texans’ existing tax burden. That includes things like punitive fines, fees and other gimmicky schemes to raise taxes on our state’s citizens and businesses. Forecasters are projecting what could amount to one of the largest budget shortfalls facing our state in recent history. The pressure to take more money from Texans to make up the difference will be significant. Today, I want to make myself perfectly clear to all voters in HD-60: I will absolutely not support raising taxes or imposing new taxes of any kind during the 87th legislative session.”

Francis insisted government at all levels will need to address the expected deficits like individual Texans do, by cutting spending.

“Texans are already over taxed and are now being stretched paper thin,” Francis added, “That’s why I’m calling on my opponent, Glenn Rogers, to make the same pledge to our community. Frankly, should he not, it would be a clear indication he is open to, or already considering, raising taxes during this critically important time for our state.”

“I’ll always stand with the taxpayer,” Francis concluded.

Jon Francis announced his candidacy for the seat following the revelation that incumbent State Rep. Mike Lang (R-Granbury) would not be seeking re-election. Francis, the long-time conservative activist who has served on the board of organizations like Live Action and PragerU, made headlines in his announcement by pledging to only take contributions from individuals in his campaign and not a dime from lobbyists or PACs.