Glenn Rogers is LYING to House District 60 voters…
but the camera doesn’t lie!

Poor Glenn Rogers! He is doing his best to muddy the water and mislead voters. He wants to present his bad positions in the nicest way, hoping voters won’t catch on to his deception.

Glenn has made it abundantly clear where he stands. Just see for yourself.

Constitutional Carry means that the Second Amendment IS our carry license. If you must go hat in hand to a government bureaucrat to get permission to carry, that is NOT Constitutional Carry. Glenn Rogers wants to have it both ways because he doesn’t trust armed citizens…but he still wants our votes! Constitutional Carry with a “BUT” is not Constitutional Carry.

Unfortunately for Glenn, video doesn’t lie, even when he does. Here are three different camera angles of him EMBARRASSINGLY contradicting himself in the world’s worst pander moment.

Watch it yourself.


I understand why Glenn Rogers lies, panders, and spins like a top. It’s because when he’s honest, it’s even WORSE!

Here’s Glenn, on camera, admitting that he is on the side of lobbyists over taxpayers. He wants our hard-earned money to go to his lobbyist buddies in Austin instead of YOUR pocket! Taxpayer Funded Lobbying allows lobbyists to advocate for HIGHER property taxes.

Watch him admit it in his own words, even saying, “You heard that right, okay?” on this video. What else do you need to know??


The whole context really is that bad! Check out the full debate video to see Glenn in his full flip-flopping, double-speaking glory while Jon Francis stands up for our shared conservative values…

Jon Francis’ positions have been clear and consistent from the very beginning:

  1. Pass Constitutional Carry
  2. Ban Taxpayer Funded Lobbying once and for all

Jon Francis supports the Republican Party of Texas and its Legislative Priorities.

Glenn Rogers? Well, the footage speaks for itself.