We must protect the value and sanctity of life in Texas. Other states are leaving Texas behind in the fight for the unborn. Texas has gone from one of the 5 most pro-life states to the 13th, and we will fall again next year as other states continue to pass us by. I promise to be one of our state’s strongest advocates for life - from fertilization to natural death - and make Texas a leader once again for life.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are too high. Texans' property tax bills have skyrocketed out of control, and are forcing Texans out of their homes.  I will ensure we have property tax reform and, more importantly, property tax relief for Texans in HD-60. Texans want politicians to do what they said and LOWER our property tax bills. To do this, the legislature should enact sweeping reforms like tax rate caps, transparency in the appraisal process, and giving voters a louder voice and more power in the process.


We are a nation and state of laws. I support President Trump’s efforts to build a wall and completely secure our porous southern border. The cartels are taking advantage of our lax enforcement and are trafficking dangerous drugs and money into our state. Our lack of action needs to end now. I support the ban on sanctuary cities and will vote for continued funding on border security measures like ramping up the presence of law enforcement and utilizing innovative technologies to combat human trafficking and regain control from the cartels of our southern border.


Texas is one of the top 10 economies in the world. We will only be able to grow and strengthen this economy if we resist and refuse to implement socialist progressives policies. Business regulations should be reduced and I will adamantly oppose any additional regulations. The less government is involved in the market the more Texans will thrive and flourish in a healthy economy.

2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment is the one that protects and enforces all the rest. I will always support our right to self-defense and oppose any effort to expand the government’s involvement in the sale of firearms. Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms. Period. Any gun control laws will only take us a step closer to a registry, and even confiscation. Leftist Democrats are licking their chops and have revealed their intention to trample our rights.