My 4 Commitments to the Voters of HD-60

May 15, 2020

A man is only as good as his word.

Since I announced my candidacy for State Representative, I have made four commitments to you, the voters of House District 60.

You need to know I have not forgotten them, and I intend to keep each one.

1. On day 1 of my campaign, I made a pledge to not accept any donations from lobbyists or PACs.

I cannot be bought. I am beholden only to you, the voters of HD-60. The Austin Lobby is powerful and very influential. They are working to buy this House seat and prop up a ‘Yes Man’ to have working for them and their Special Interests down in Austin. The Austin Lobby has their candidate in this race, and it ain’t me.

My opponent in the runoff has accepted over 50% of his donations from Austin Lobbyists and PACs.

2. I have pledged my support for the Republican Party of Texas Platform and its Legislative Priorities.

I have been a proud, Conservative Republican my entire life. Supporting our Platform and Legislative Priorities was, for me, a no-brainer. They are as follows:

  • Pro-Life
  • Constitutional Carry
  • Religious Freedom & Privacy
  • Property Tax
  • End Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

My opponent in the runoff, has not indicated his support or the RPT Platform and has publicly opposed two of the Legislative Priorities (constitutional carry and ending taxpayer funded lobbying).

3. I have pledged to defend the Second Amendment and the Right to Life, full stop.

I was the first (and only) candidate in this race to pledge support for constitutional carry, to abolish dangerous gun free zones, and to oppose all gun control measures. I have also committed to author, sponsor and support pro-life legislation like the “Heartbeat Bill,” Abolishing Abortion and PreNDA to eliminate abortion in Texas, once and for all.

I believe these two rights go hand in hand, and I won’t compromise when it comes to defending our rights to life and self-defense.

4. I have pledged I will absolutely not support raising taxes or imposing new taxes of any kind during the 87th legislative session. 

During the next legislative session, advocates for big government will be pushing harder than ever before to impose new taxes and raise Texans’ existing tax burden. I will not stand for it. That’s why I have pledged to protect taxpayers. That means No New Taxes. No Tax Hikes. Period. Texans are taxed too much as it is, and I believe Texas should cut spending rather than look for new sources of revenue, aka your tax dollars.

This should be an easy position to support. So much so, that I asked my runoff opponent to join me in doing so; however, his campaign, “declined to comment” when asked about the matter recently by the Mineral Wells Index.

Four Commitments.

That’s my word. My positions, including these, haven’t changed. That’s because they are not subject to polling, perception or the ever-changing political winds of our time. I am who I am, and they are what they are. You can count on them.

On July 14th, I hope I can earn your vote and your support. Thank you.

For Texas,

– Jon

My personal cell phone number: (254) 334-8917

If I can count on your vote and support on July 14, will you take just 1 minute to fill out this pledge to let me know? Thank you!