My Plan to Defend Public Education

April 20, 2020


To #DefendTexas, we need to defend public education.

I think we can all agree education is very important  But education is especially important for rural Texas where our local, public schools play an enormous role.

Like many of you, I’m a product of public schools. I spent the entirety of my K-12 education in them. Three of my own children were in public schools as well, and my youngest daughter is about to graduate from Cisco High School.
Jody and I think very highly of our local school districts and support them 100%.

If you elect me, I want our public schools to be a priority in Austin. I have 7 things we should consider doing in the state to defend public education & provide for excellent public schools.

My 7 Point Plan to Defend Public Education:

  1. Return dollars to the classroom (Where the students & teachers are!) 
  2. Prioritize reading, writing, & math
  3. End standardized testing
  4. Expand opportunities with vocational training
  5. Help teachers with classroom costs
  6. Keeping promises to retired teachers
  7. Bring prayer & faith back into our schools

Now you know exactly where I stand & what I want to do to defend & improve public education. I’m proud that so many teachers, principles, superintendents & school board members from throughout our community are supporting our campaign.

It would mean the world to me if I could count on your support too. Together we can & will improve our public schools for the benefit of our state, our teachers & – most importantly – our students.

Sign our petition to Defend Public Education & let me know I can count on you.

Thank you!

To read more on how we can #DefendTexas, click HERE. To join our team, click HERE.