My Response to the Hood County News

My Response to the Hood County News

February 14, 2020

I will stand up unapologetically against the left, the mainstream media, and the Austin Lobby to fight for our rural, conservative values. This was evident recently in the publication of the Hood County News voter guide.

The Hood County News approached us about participating in their voter guide. We discovered that meant answering three agenda-driven questions skewed to advance liberal policies like growing government, socialized take over of health care and the abominable practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying. These questions are WAY out of touch with the priorities of Hood County and House District 60. It is very clear the Hood County News is only interested in growing government and keeping Big Government interests at the forefront of the conversation. Their callous disregard for voters’ priorities was very clear. Then to make matters worse, they suggested I change one of my responses. This is the message our campaign sent in return:

“Jon took time to review the rules again, as well as our responses. We understand and respect your newspaper’s right to publish – or not publish – whatever you please. Jon stands by every word he submitted and believes his answers fall inside the confines of the rules outlined for him prior to submitting his responses. Jon is not comfortable altering them from the form they were submitted in.”

That was when the Hood County News decided to censor one of my responses.

I still stand by my response to this very day, and I believe it is important the voters get to see it. That’s why I have provided it here for you to read:

“The idea these (3) slanted, agenda-driven questions will best allow voters to get to know where I stand on their real priorities for our next State Representative is preposterous. These questions are entirely disconnected with the priorities of Hd-60 and are precisely why so many Americans feel misled by the liberal media. More than 81% of the voters in HD-60 voted for President Trump. It is one of the most conservative house districts in the nation. I’m running on a platform consistent with their conservative principles: defending the unborn, protecting our 2nd Amendment, securing our border, lowering our property taxes, and supporting our President. I support our local public schools as my daughter is a senior at Cisco high school. I want to ensure our schools have the money they need, and, more importantly, the money is getting to teachers. The classroom must be fully funded. Those are my priorities.”

I was ready to deal with the liberal media after I got to Austin, but I was very disappointed to see that one of our own papers has also fallen for the notion that their liberal views should be imposed on our conservative community.

Jon Francis will protect our conservative rural values from the liberals in the media and in Austin

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