Proof of Pro-Abortionists Supporting Glenn Rogers

June 25, 2020
Glenn Rogers just can’t accept the fact that he’s supported by pro-abortionists. He’s tried to hide behind local doctors, which is an insult to our local medical community. I know many of our local physicians, and they don’t agree with the pro-abortion stance of TexPAC, one of the many PAC’s and lobbyists supporting Glenn’s campaign. Below is a letter that TexPAC/TMA sent to legislators when they opposed a ban on abortions at 20 weeks. They have also opposed multiple other pro-life bills before the legislature.





Pro-abortionists don’t support my campaign because they know I will vote 100% pro-life and won’t accept anything less than Texas leading the nation as a pro-life beacon of hope. I hope to earn your vote on July 14th.